About the Blog

Regardless of raw talent, there’s always room for improvement. Stand up comedians, whether new to the art or seasoned professionals, can look to this blog for tips on writing, getting booked, improving their act, and building a fan base. Written by experienced NYC comics, this blog is open to feedback and participation from the rest of the comedy world. We encourage guest bloggers and readers to submit ideas for posts or other useful information for up-and-coming comics.


3 thoughts on “About the Blog

      • Ok, I will! And sort of. I am such a fan of stand-up but I’m to shy and cowardly to do it. I’d be like Woody Allen vomiting before an act but I’d take it one step further and continue it throughout it… Also, I’m from Portugal, and we don’t have a stand-up tradition here. I have a lot of little jokes and musings that I think are funny. Some of them are here: http://9gag.com/u/Luis_Azevedo If you could give me your opinion it’d be awesome!

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